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TOMY Lab Autoclave SX Series Sterilizers for Sale

Planning on buying an autoclave sterilizer?

When buying an autoclave, consider how TOMY can Save You Lots.  Contact us with questions on functions and pricing.

Save Time

  • Larger loads = fewer cycles, more time
  • Fast cycles with dual cooling fan system
  • Timer function allows you to start/stop loads at any time


Save Space

  • Small and compact top-loading design
  • Efficient use of 50L and 70L vertical chambers
  • Maximize capacity with stackable baskets

Save Effort

  • No installation- just add water
  • Foot pedal allows for easy one-handed loading
  • Easy, minimal maintenance


Save Your Budget- The Bottom Line

  • Zero installation costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High quality, long-lasting durability
Bulk/multiple unit discounts are also available – For pricing please request a quote.