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More Testimonials from Our Customers

“There are many things that I like about TOMY autoclaves- they are nice, quiet, and compact with an amazing capacity for having such a small footprint. Many great features like the easy-open foot pedal and liquid/dry cycle options too. I'm a big fan of the product!"


Safety Manager, Assured BioSciences

“I like how the autoclave is really easy to use- with crank-down models it takes lots of time, but the TOMY model has less checks and with the click of a button it's ready to go. It is also really easy to clean with the built-in exhaust bottle."


Production Manager, Genlantis

“Not only is my TOMY centrifuge compact enough to fit under the tabletop/benchtop, but it is compatible with the many tube types that I use. The removable racks make it easy to load/unload, it’s easy to move around and it cools quickly. Many reasons why this centrifuge is outstanding!"


Researcher, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Love the top loader autoclave! Great upgrade from our old Market Forge autoclave.


August 6, 2019, United States

Excellent! Would buy again.


August 6, 2019, Texas, United States