Multi Spin Battery-Powered Mini Centrifuge


Mini personal, cordless multi-purpose centrifuge

  • Battery operated
  • Can be active anywhere in the Laboratory
  • Interchangeable rotors for 2.0 ml microtube and PCR strip (both rotors included)
  • Just one push action to close/open
  • Motor over current & imbalance detection system
  • Equipped with 6 minute timer

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Single-phase, AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.6A | AC adapter (6A-181WP05 with 5 types of plugs) | Microtubes rotor MA-1, Tube-strips rotor PA-1

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Take your centrifuge anywhere

The TOMY Multi Spin centrifuge provides portable, battery-powered centrifugation in the field or lab. The cordless centrifuge can be active anywhere in and out of the laboratory.

Battery or AC Powered

Power the TOMY Multi Spin Centrifuge in two ways - AC power or cordless battery. The centrifuge provides flexible mobility at biosafety cabinet, clean bench use, in or out of the laboratory.

Everything You Need For Samples

Two rotors included to spin 2.0 ml tube and PCR strip.
Battery or AC Powered
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Multi Spin


2.0 ml x 8 tubes


1.3 lbs

Maximum Speed

6,200 rpm

Spin Time

6 minutes







Power Source

AC or 4×AA batteries
Rotor MA-1 PA-1
Max. Capacity 2.0 ml × 8 microtubes 0.2 ml × 8 PCR tubes (2 strips)
Tubes 2.0 ml × 8 microtubes 1.5 ml × 8 microtubes 0.2 ml × 8 PCR tubes (2 strips)
Speed 6,000rpm(±20%) 6,200rpm(±20%)
RCF 1,310~2,960G (2.0 ml) 1,260~2,840G (1.5 ml) Max. 1,200~2,690G Min. 810~1,820G
Timer 6 minutes (Fixed)
Safety Devices • Lid opening interlocking brake • Overcurrent fuse • Motor overcurrent detector (Motor lock, Unbalance)
Compliance of Standard EU Directives • EMC Directive • Low Voltage Directive • RoHS Directive Reference Standard • EN61326-1 • EN61010-1 • EN61010-2-020
Dimensions 150W × 163D × 113H mm
Net Weight 600 g (excluding rotors and batteries)
Power Requirements Dedicated AC adapter Input : 1-Phase AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A or 4×AA size alkaline battery
Accessories Included

• AC adapter (6A-181WP05, 5 types of plugs) × 1 set

• Microtubes rotor MA-1 × 1pc.

• Tube-strips rotor PA-1 × 1pc.

• Operator's manual × 1copy

* Specifications and design are subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Please ask for the latest specifications prior to your order and procurement. * The above specifications show the maximum value of speed, RCF(G) and sample capacity. These values may change according to the combination of rotor, bucket, adaptor and tubes.

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Zero Installation Costs

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User-Friendly Features

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1 Year Warranty

What to Expect with
Your Order

It’s easy to get your new autoclave set up.

Please ensure the following prior to receiving:

Measure the floor space for your new unit to make sure that your unit will fit perfectly.

Verify your existing electrical connections.

Your centrifuge requires 120V-grounded, 3-prong electrical outlet.
Empty & unplug your old unit.

Documents & Guides





Operator’s Manual

Operator’s Manual

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