Autoclaves & Centrifugesfor Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Research Labs

Autoclaves and centrifuges are essential pieces of pharmaceutical lab equipment for R&D work in biotechnology. TOMY autoclaves and centrifuges enable safe, accurate operations in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research labs.

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Autoclaves for Pharma & Biotech Research Labs

Centrifuges for Pharma & Biotech Research Labs

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TOMY autoclaves and centrifuges are designed for simple, long-lasting operation. With intuitive functions and compact, top-loading design, and low maintenance requirements, TOMY is known worldwide for quality, easy-to-use lab equipment that stands the test of time, and rigorous daily lab use.

Autoclaves for Pharma & Biotech Research Labs

Sterilizing pharmaceutical lab equipment and biological waste is a basic necessity in pharma and biotech research labs. When done properly, the autoclave sterilization process is a seamless extension of a researcher’s daily work. A combination of heat, pressure and steam work to eliminate microorganisms and contaminants that otherwise affect the research process.

When looking for a pharmaceutical autoclave, a simple and sophisticated design serves the sterilization needs of the pharmaceutical industry well. Simple, reliable operations are critical to avoid error, prevent injuries, and eliminate excessive maintenance that can cause downtime in your lab.

Reliable Operation

Internal sensors accurately detect temperature and water level for sterilization validation.

Customize for Your Research

TOMY provides accessories for any research needs from sterilizing liquids, to small glassware, tall flasks, test tubes, and cultures.

5 Convenient Settings



    Select Cycle & Cycle Status

  • 1
    Liquid Sterilizing Course - prevents boiling over
  • 2
    Sterilizing Course - normal sterilization
  • 3
    Sterilizing – Warming Course - prevent coagulation, hardening, or freezing of culture media after the sterilization ends
  • 4
    Heating – Warming Course - provides super comfort and convenience in heating and dissolving or eliminating culture media
  • 5
    Memory Recall - repeats previous settings

Convenient Time Settings

TOMY Autoclaves have a preset timer that delays start time up to 99 hours, and programmable sterilization up to 10 hours, letting you sterilize lab media whenever you need to. And with up to 70 L of internal chamber space, disinfecting lab equipment has never been more convenient.

TOMY Autoclave Sterilizers are intuitively designed with features and customizations that suit any research and development lab. In addition to being convenient and easy to operate, TOMY Autoclaves are also high-performing and energy efficient.


Space-Saving Design

Tomy Autoclaves have a slim, vertical profile that creates a small footprint to maximize throughput while taking very little of your valuable floor space. Units are available in both a 50 L or 70 L capacity to fit all types of lab media, including glassware, liquids, agar, etc., used in pharmaceutical and biotech labs. This compact, high capacity autoclave helps you save time, space, and effort – making more room for research.


Large Capacity Loads

SX-model autoclaves can stack up to 2 buckets or 3 baskets in the chamber to maximize loads. (SX-700 can accommodate up to 12 pieces of 1000 mL flasks or 27 pieces of 300 mL beakers in one energy-saving load.)


Rapid Cooling Action

Dual-fan cooling function reduces cooling time by 42% compared to non-fan equipped autoclaves shortening overall operation time between cycles, and reducing the possibility of burns.


Autoclave Validation

Ensuring the sterilization results of the Tomy Autoclave Validity of sterilization results is essential in all research laboratories, but particularly so in pharmaceutical lab applications. Sterile lab equipment in pharmaceutical processes is necessary to safeguard your operations during the product development, protecting both your research investment and your brand.


Fine Pressure Adjustment

Tomy Autoclaves are equipped with automatic fine exhausting which corrects any imbalance in temperature and pressure during sterilization. This automatic autoclave adjustment maintains optimal chamber conditions, removing the guesswork from steam sterilization

Features for Autoclave Validation

Accessories for TOMY Autoclaves help confirm the sterilizing temperature of both the items being sterilized and the temperature of the chamber itself. In addition to validation sensors, we also offer a data output kit for a full exportable report of temperature and pressure data during sterilization.

Sensors and the data output kit are ideal for pharmaceutical R&D labs where autoclave validation and reporting are necessary for product development.


External Sensor for Items Being Sterilized

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External Sensor for


Data Output Kit for Recording and Report Temperature and Pressure

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TOMY Autoclaves for Pharma & Biotech

TOMY Autoclaves are a space-saving, high performance autoclave well suited for the precision and reliability needed in a pharmaceutical lab. TOMY Autoclaves are easier to set up – just plug in and add water – making the initial installation costs associated with plumbing and hard wiring lower than that of conventional autoclaves.

Autoclavable Lab Media in Pharma/Biotech









Autoclaves are an essential piece of lab equipment in pharmaceutical and biotech research labs. We know there are other pharmaceutical autoclave manufacturers to consider, and we’re honored you’re looking to us. TOMY’s customer support team is delighted to be part of understanding your research needs so that we can help build you the right autoclave package for your lab.

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Centrifuges for Pharma & Biotech Research Labs

A reliable pharmaceutical centrifuge machine is necessary for isolating and separating substances in liquid or solid media appropriate for a variety of biotech applications. Centrifuges perform a basic function relied on as essential tools for lab research. When a centrifuge requires excessive maintenance or isn’t user friendly this every day tool becomes a nuisance more than a benefit.

Applications of Centrifugation in Pharmaceutical Industries

Centrifugal separations in biotechnology (Solid/Liquid Separation, Liquid/Liquid Separation/Extraction) are necessary to the research and development of life-saving products.


Production of bulk drugs


Production of biological products


Evaluation of suspensions and emulsions

determination-of molecular-weight-of-colloids

Determination of molecular weight of colloids

Citation: Stephen Olaribigbe Majekodunmi, A Review on Centrifugation in the Pharmaceutical Industry, American Journal of Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 5 No. 2, 2015, pp. 67-78. doi: 10.5923/j.ajbe.20150502.03.

TOMY Centrifuges in
Pharma & Biotechnology

TOMY offers both refrigerated floor-standing and benchtop centrifuges designed to meet the needs for centrifuges in biotechnology and pharmaceutical labs. TOMY Centrifuges are designed simply and reliably, using high quality parts that stand the test of time and use. The durability of high-quality TOMY Centrifuges makes them a cost effective option when building or updating lab equipment in pharma/biotech labs. An intuitively designed TOMY Centrifuge also helps avoid error, prevent injuries and eliminate issues that can cause downtime in your lab.

3 Types of Centrifuges for Pharmaceutical Industry

TOMY One Spin Mini Personal Centrifuge

TOMY OneSpin

Simple and compact, this mini centrifuge accommodates one, two, three, or four tubes in any position without a counter balance. Designed for busy researchers – close the lid to spin, release hand to stop.

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TOMY Multi Spin Cordless Multi-Purpose Centrifuge

TOMY Multi Spin Mini Centrifuge

A portable centrifuge powered by battery or AC adapter. Great for moving between benches and refrigerated environments.

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TOMY MDX-310 Refrigerated Centrifuge

Stackable “rack-in-rotor” system for easy, instantaneous swapping of rotors. Built for speed and function, the MDX-310 accommodates a large array of tubes and sample media..

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