Get your lab ready.

TOMY Laboratory Autoclaves are fast and compact, high-capacity autoclaves for research labs. They’re quieter and more energy efficient than other types of autoclaves, so they won’t interrupt your workflow.

TOMY Fast Lab Autoclave SX-Series Maximize Capacity

Breakthrough Autoclaves for
Professional Research.

The TOMY Laboratory Autoclave is designed to be compact, high-capacity, and fast. It’s perfect for research labs that need a
cost-effective autoclave that can sterilize everything from small instruments to large equipment in less than 30 minutes.

TOMY Lab Autoclave close-up

Get more done.

Designed with input from laboratory experts, the TOMY Laboratory Autoclave is optimized to run at high speeds while still saving space and time. They’re perfect for small or large labs that need their autoclaves to be up and running quickly.
TOMY Fast Lab Autoclave SX-Series Stainless Baskets

Save time, save money.

Increase your production by sterilizing more items in every cycle. With TOMY Laboratory Autoclaves, your lab will be able to sterilize more with less resources.

Quickly sterilize your media.

Get the job done quickly and easily with large capacity for all types of lab media, glassware, liquids, agar, bioreactors and more. TOMY laboratory autoclaves are quick and powerful—just what you need in a busy lab setting.

Start your lab with a TOMY Laboratory Autoclave

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