Get a faster, more compact autoclave for research labs.

With Tomy Autoclave Sterilizers you’ll save space and time with a sterilizer that can be easily moved around the lab.

Get your research to the next level.

Our autoclaves are designed for all types of research labs and can be used in a wide range of applications.
They’re reliable and fast, as well as compact and high-capacity, making them perfect for labs with limited counter space.

TOMY Lab Autoclave close-up

Save time, focus on your research.

Tomy Autoclave Sterilizers allow you to spend your time where it matters–on your research. They’re fast and compact, so you can get back to what’s important.


Maximize your space.

A small footprint means more room for your lab. With Tomy Autoclave Sterilizers, you can finally stop wasting precious space on an over-sized autoclave. Give your lab a makeover and maximize your valuable space today!

Zero installation and easy to use.

Convenience is king, especially in the lab. Tomy Autoclave Sterilizers are fast and compact, high-capacity autoclaves for research labs with zero installation. Just plug in, add water, and get back to your research.

Tomy Autoclave Sterilizers: The Right Choice for You.

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