Faster Autoclave for Your Laboratory

Picture this: Your very own, fast autoclave with timer (just set and leave, no wait!)

Though autoclaves are designed to quickly increase to the necessary temperature and pressure levels for sterilization, not all are equipped with features to quickly reduce temperature, allowing you to safely access media and run your next cycle.

Tomy autoclaves are designed with your needs in mind, and are standard-equipped with two cooling fans to cool down the sterilization chamber, reducing the chamber cooling time by over 42%* and the cycle turnaround time to under an hour- fast!

Moreover, with its small footprint, relatively large chamber capacity** and plug-in and go installation (no plumbing or installation) you can autoclave right in your laboratory with no need to bring your items to a common facility autoclave and wait in line- even faster!

Couple the fast turnaround cycle and no-wait in-lab autoclaving with the timer function and you can run an extra load for the day- even faster than faster (which itself is faster than fast)!

Discover the quick, portable (and private) convenience of Tomy’s fast autoclave and no longer find yourself stuck waiting for your autoclave (or waiting for someone else using the autoclave ahead of you).

Contact us for pricing and any questions regarding Tomy- Japan’s top research autoclave.  We strive to bring you the top customer service for the top maker of autoclaves and centrifuges.

* Chamber temperature from 121°C to 60°C reduced from 59 minutes to 34 minutes with dual-cooling fan function.
**Dimensions are 410 mm W x 477 mm D (SX-500) and 470 mm W x 528 mm D (SX-500)

For pricing information and questions, please contact us!