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More Testimonials from Our Customers

"I've had a Tomy autoclave for +20 years and practically worship the thing. Every lab I've ever worked in has either had one already, or I've recommended one to purchase ASAP"

Laboratorio de Química Medicinal

" It's a forward autoclave. It's so easy to use. It doesn't require any fancy plumbing. It's very straightforward and can handle the volume that I need to start up. At the end of the day, it's an instrument that you can rely on. Now I have an associate helping me. Training her is a breeze.”

Patrick Fernandez
Investigador Científico, Protein Evolution, Inc. (PEI)

“The biggest benefit [of the autoclave] was the footprint size. We like the way the lid is designed, it is a bit more space-saving as opposed to a swing-out lid. We are limited in our space, so that made a difference. The user interface is pretty easy and simple to understand. Press a button and start. It's pretty straightforward.”

Randall Zondervan
Vicepresidente, ProbioFerm

"El autoclave TOMY es increíblemente fácil de usar. Con modelos que requieren manivelas, el proceso es largo, pero con el modelo TOMY, presionas un botón y listo. Además, su limpieza es sencilla gracias a su sistema integrado de escape."

Director de producción, Genlantis

"Hay muchas cosas que me gustan de los autoclaves TOMY: son agradables, silenciosos y compactos, con una capacidad sorprendente para su tamaño. Con características excelentes, como el pedal de apertura fácil y las opciones de ciclo líquido/seco. ¡Soy un gran admirador!"

Director de Seguridad, Assured BioSciences