TOMY Microtube mixer


Easy, yet powerful mixing with a vortex action.

The TOMY MT-400 Microtube Mixer enables effective mixing similar to a vortex mixer for a hands-free approach. It produces a strong mixing force by adopting a unique oscillation method such that the lower portion of the test tube moves in a wider circular motion.

TOMY Microtube Mixer, MT-400

Holds up to 40. x 1.5 mL microtubes, or is capable of stirring 12 x 5 mL tubes.

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Your All In One Centrifuge

Variable Speed Settings

The mixing speed can be set from gentle shaking to powerful mixing while visually seeing the sample in the tube.

Compact Body

Compact and slim body design. 300 (W) x 135 (D) x 150(H) mm allows the MT-400 to be placed inside the incubator.

Eccentric Oscillation Method

The unique mixing method provides consistent and uniform mixing action and ensures highly efficient mixing performance.

Detachable Tube Rack

The detachable tube rack is easily dismounted for carrying test tubes and can also serve as a tube stand.

Available Accessories

5 mL Tube Rack (TR4005)

Optional TR4005 rack allows up to 12 x 5 mL tubes to be stirred.

Tube Rack Cover (TC4000)

Keeps the tube in the rack without jumping out even with powerful mixing.

TOMY Microtube Mixer, MT-400 is the answer to any lab’s mixing needs

TOMY Microtube Mixer, MT-400

Effective and efficient hands-free mixing.

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