Terrapin Beer Company, known for its mission to create unique experiences through the passionate brewing of the finest quality craft beers, has made a simple but impactful step towards enhancing its brewing process and saving thousands of dollars annually. Their secret? The TOMY Autoclave, a pivotal piece of brewery sterilization equipment.

The Challenge:

Terrapin Beer Company used a pressure cooker for sterilizing instruments and media, but it was inefficient and difficult to maintain. The real problem arose when they started encountering false positive PCR results, which threatened the quality of their products. PCR results are necessary to test for spoilage bacteria and wild yeast. If the results are incorrect, it can lead to a sour-tasting and unpleasant beer. After an external audit revealed that their pressure cooker was likely the source of the problem, Terrapin Beer knew they had to find something better.

Discovering TOMY:

Terrapin’s journey to discovering TOMY as an effective solution began with a recommendation from another brewery. In their quest for top-notch brewery sterilization equipment, Terrapin Beer assessed the TOMY SX-700 autoclave. They found that it not only fit their space but also their budget, making it the perfect choice. They now use it twice daily to sterilize various items, such as media, glassware, and keg sampling equipment. One of the most notable advantages of the TOMY systems is their ease of maintenance. The current gasket has been in use for over a year, and it’s expected to last for another year, proving its durability and cost-effectiveness.


Before the TOMY Autoclave, Terrapin Beer had to outsource PCR testing and the maintenance required for maintaining a sterile environment. Abby Vickers, Terrapin’s Quality Assurance Manager, mentioned that before TOMY, they paid an annual cost of $12,000 for their PCR testing. However, after implementing the TOMY Autoclave, they brought testing in-house, saving significant sums that could be reinvested into their business, such as acquiring a new gas chromatograph.


Terrapin Beer Company’s commitment to quality and cost savings led them to the TOMY Autoclave, a much-needed addition to their brewing process. By investing in this reliable sterilization equipment, they not only ensure product quality but also reduce their costs significantly. If you’re in the full story, explore our short video interview with the Terrapin Beer Company.


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