TOMY Centrifuges Save You Lots.

TOMY’s unique stackable, quick-change “rack-in-rotor” system, floor-standing compact design, refrigeration, high-power and high-capacity makes for several-centrifuges-in-one, Saving Time, Space, Effort and You!

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One Centrifuge to fit All your needs.

MX-307 Refrigerated Centrifuge



Saves Time.

The stackable, easy swap “rack-in-rotor” system and refrigerated, high-speed capability leads to tremendous time savings


This system allows you to stack up to 3 racks, allowing up to 72 1.5/2.0 mL microtubes in one cycle.  Do more, save more time.


Easily and instantly swap rotors for everything from 1.5 / 2.0 mL tubes to 96-well plates to 50 mL tubes.  No need to pull out tools or buy several centrifuges to accommodate your large array of tubes and sample media.


Runs at up to 16,000 RPM / 21,130G.  The high-power motor and inverter gets your centrifuge running at full capacity (up to 16,000 rpm in under 20 seconds).  LOTS of power.


The chamber can cool down to the set temperature down to -9°C within three minutes*.

*When released from ECO mode

Saves Space.

The unique floor-standing design combined with high-capacity and flexibility eliminate the need for several centrifuges and frees your benchtop.


With its ability to quickly and easily accommodate rotors for tubes of just about every size eliminates the need to have an arsenal of centrifuges occupying your lab space.


The uniquely compact floor-standing design and small footprint (345W x 465D x 860H mm) frees up valuable benchtop space for other equipment and most importantly, saves space for your work.


Allows easy movement and storage of your centrifuge. When not in use, easily move it under a bench or to a comfortable, quiet corner of your laboratory.

Saves Effort.

Easy to load, easy to see, easy to use. Easy!


The rotor / rack system not only takes away the need to load / unload each and every tube every single time, it serves as a handy “rack” making it easy to move your sample to your benchtop or the refrigerator and back to the centrifuge again


The intuitive display and rotating jog dial allows you to easily and intuitively adjust time, speed and temperature settings.


Allows programming of 2 preset settings to easily switch back and forth between your favorite settings- quick and easy!


Set the timer from 1-99 minutes and save your time for other business.

Saves You, Safety for You and Your Samples.

Safety, not only for you, but your samples and larger things.


The lid interlock system electronically locks and prevents the lid from opening while in operation. Smart sensing systems for everything from lid open/close, rotor imbalance, excessive speed, motor over-current (with circuit breaker), and abnormal chamber temperature.


Gradually brings down the speed of your centrifuge to protect your samples (45 sec slow deceleration from 500RPM to 0).


Recognizes the rotor type to set appropriate speed limits.


Controlling the motor fan drive during standby cooling, leads to a reduction in power consumption by up to 43%*, in the grand scheme helping to save you.

*Reduction in electricity consumption between the MX-307 and previous generation MX-305. This figure may vary depending on the settings and performance of individual products.


Centrifuge MX-307

Maximum Speed16,000 rpmMaximum RCF21,130 G
Maximum Capacity50 ml x 4Control SystemMicroprocessor control (Feedback System)
Drive MotorInduction MotorDrive SystemDirect drive with an automatic alignment function
Data Entry DeviceJog DialTemperature Setting Range– 9 to 35°C (1°C increment)
Speed Setting Range300 rpm to Maximum speed (100 rpm increments)RCF Setting Range100 G to Maximum RCF (100 G increments)
Time Setting Range0 to 99 minutes (1minute increment) or, for freeAdditional Functions• FLASH (momentary spin) function • Memory function(two sets) • Previous setting memory • Soft Brake function
Safety Devices• Lid interlock • Lid open/close detector • Over-speed detector • Over-current circuit breaker • Motor over-current detector • Abnormally high or low chamber temperature detector • Rotor identification system • Imbalance detectorAccessories Included• Operator’s manual (1) • Warranty card (1) • Customer card (1) • Inspection sheet (1) • Hexagon wrench (1) • Clear storage case (1) • Attaching screw (1) • Caster holder (2) • Drain plug (1)
Power RequirementsSingle phase AC110/120V 50/60Hz, 15ASingle phase AC220/230/240V 50/60Hz, 8APower Consumption (calorific value)860 W (740 kcal/h)
Dimensions (except protrusion)345 W x 465 D x 860 H mm (table height: 755 H mm, lid open position: 1125 H mm )Net Weight66 kg (110/120V), 71 kg (220/230/240V)
Cord Length3 mRefrigerantHFC134a (240 g)
Environmental RequirementsAmbient temperature range: 10 to 35°C, Relative humidity: 30 to 85%, Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa

*Specifications and design are subject to change for improvement without prior notice. Please ask for the latest specifications prior to your order and procurement.

Centrifuge MX Series Brochure