Centrifuge MDX-310

TOMY MDX-310 High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge has a stackable “rack-in-rotor” system for easy, instantaneous swapping of rotors. No need to pull out tools or buy several centrifuges to accommodate your large array of tubes and sample media. The MDX-310 accommodates everything from 1.5 / 2.0 mL tubes to 96-well plates to 50 mL tubes. Stack up to 3 racks (up to 72 – 1.5/2.0 mL microtubes in one cycle). The TOMY MDX-310 is high power – it can run at up to 16,000 RPM / 21,130G.

Original price was: $12,951.30.Current price is: $8,029.81.


Save time and money with a one-stop solution.

With the MDX-310, you can do more, save more time and space. One machine can do the work of three standard centrifuges with a rack-in-rotor system that speeds up processes by recognizing each rotor for various sample types. This saves you not just time but also space – this compact design is perfect for any lab.

Customizable to your needs.

The MDX-310 Centrifuge is an all-in-one centrifuge that gives you the flexibility of a compact design, refrigeration, and high productivity. With this single machine you can: stack up to 3 racks – up to 72 microtubes in one cycle; customize the load/unload rack positions so they serve as portable trays for easy use; and shorten work time.

Maximize the capacity of samples with an all-in-one centrifuge.

The MDX-310 Centrifuge features a floor-standing compact design, refrigeration, high-power and high-capacity giving you the advantage of having several in one. With up to 3 stackable racks that maximize the capacity for samples, this is your all around centrifuge.

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Save time and space with the all-in-one centrifuge.