Hello Everyone,

thank you for stopping by the TOMY booth at the 2018 NIH Spring Vendor Show on May 23-24.

Have a look at the video to see if you’re the winner of the TOMY Multi Spin Centrifuge… (and if you are please reach out to me at my contact below!)

Also, please check out our products to see how TOMY can Save You Lots:

MX-307 Refrigerated Centrifuge with “Rack-in-Rotor” System
Multi Spin Battery-Powered Centrifuge
One Spin Single Tube Mini Centrifuge
SX-Series Autoclaves

Any questions or inquiries about the above products
can be directed to me (Jason) at the following:

Email: tomy@amuzainc.com
Phone: (858) 800-3900

Thank you for stopping by,
Your TOMY Sales Rep

TOMY MX-307 Centrifuge

Saves You Lots

Tomy SX-Series Autoclave Sterilizer

Saves You Lots