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“Sterilize. Start. Repeat.” was used to communicate the benefits of using TOMY autoclaves in stem cell research and highlight the positive financial and environmental impact of using reusable vessels and equipment.

TOMY Autoclaves At The ISSCR 2019 Annual Meeting In Los Angeles

TOMY exhibited its autoclaves at the 2019 ISSCR (International Society for Stem Cell Research) Annual Meeting in Los Angeles from June 26-29.

Researchers were interested in the versatility and many benefits that the TOMY SX-Series autoclave offers for stem cell research, including its compact size, high throughput, and ability to sterilize a range of items, including glassware, liquid media, and large items including bioreactors.

The featured tagline “Sterilize. Start. Repeat.” was created to communicate the importance of proper sterilization in stem cell research and regenerative medicine, as well as the financial and environmental benefits associated with reusable vessels and instruments. Stem cell and regenerative medicine researchers asked about using TOMY autoclaves in sterilizing and re-using glassware, stainless steel precision tools, and multiple-use bioreactors in their research to save costs and reduce their environmental impact.





For those interested in learning more about how TOMY autoclaves can benefit your research and Save You Lots, please visit the TOMY autoclaves page or contact us directly.


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