Last Updated on August 24, 2023


TOMY autoclave at Biolabs

TOMY Welcomes Our New Partners – BioLabs San Diego!

TOMY wishes to send a warm welcome to BioLabs San Diego in bringing the TOMY SX-Series Autoclave Sterilizer onboard their operations!

BioLabs is a nationwide organization of co-working spaces that provides facilities, equipment, and know-how for new biotechs to grow and strengthen their operations. We believe that the TOMY SX-Series top-loading autoclave is the perfect autoclave for its members and other start-up biotechs/life science organizations, as the compact size, high capacity, performance, and reliability of the TOMY SX-Series Autoclave Sterilizer are the perfect match for the needs and demands of growing start-up operations.

We wish to thank BioLabs for choosing TOMY and wish its members all the best with their new TOMY SX-Series Autoclave Sterilizer!



For information on how your biotech/life science start-up laboratory can benefit from TOMY autoclaves, please contact us.
We would be more than willing to assist you with questions that you may have.


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