TOMY KOGYO CO., LTD. (“TOMY”) will be conducting work through TOMY DIGITAL BIOLOGY CO., LTD., on certain models of the TOMY MX-Series High-Speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge and the TOMY MicroTwin Refrigerated Tabletop Micro Centrifuge.


This voluntary service is being offered due to a report that the chamber lids of the aforementioned models may accidentally open in cases where the rotor rack is not placed correctly in the rotor. TOMY will be sending service personnel to update specific parts on units believed to be at risk completely free of cost to those who register for the service, which should take approximately thirty minutes to complete.

For the safety of centrifuge users and others at your organization, we would like to request that you or someone in your organization use the attached list and form to:

1. Check the list for equipment that may be in use or in possession
2. Use the form to report affected product models and serial numbers, list contact information and service location
3. Send filled and signed form via email or fax

Please print, save and view details of the attached list and form and perform the requested actions accordingly. Once we receive your request we will contact you regarding the schedule.

TOMY recommends that users refrain from using the listed centrifuges until the necessary updates to the centrifuge are made.

We wish to extend our deepest apology for any inconvenience that this action may cause you and/or other fellow users at your organization.

If there are any questions regarding the proposed service action or anything else regarding your Tomy product(s), please use the contact form (link below) or feel free to reach out to us directly at tomy@amuzainc.com or 858-800-3900.

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