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Terrapin Beer Upgrades their Brewery Sterilization Equipment With TOMY Autoclaves

2 min

Explore Terrapin Beer's leap to efficiency and quality with TOMY Autoclaves. Discover how this upgrade resolved PCR testing issues, saving costs and enhancing craft beer production. Learn how innovative sterilization transformed their brewing process....

Best Practices for Autoclaving with Sterile Bags

2 min

Learn the crucial precautions and best practices for flawless autoclaving using sterile bags. Avoid potential risks like pressure build-up or incomplete sterilization by following expert guidelines. Select the right bag size, material, and method for effective and safe sterilization....

Understanding the Right Holding Times for Optimal Autoclave Sterilization

2 min

One of the most frequently asked questions TOMY receives about autoclave cycles is, “How long does it take to fully sterilize at specific temperatures?” The duration of autoclaving is crucial to ensuring that the autoclave materials are thoroughly sterilized, making it an important consideration for researchers, clinicians, and professionals in laboratory settings. Unfortunately, when it […]...

5 Benefits of Top Loading Autoclaves

2 min

Autoclaves play a pivotal role in ensuring the sterilization of equipment, lab materials, and media. Among the diverse range of autoclave designs available, top-loading autoclaves have gained prominence for their unique advantages. In this blog, we will delve into the 5 primary benefits of top loading autoclaves and introduce TOMY’s SX-series Autoclaves. Space Efficiency Top-loading […]...

Ensure Complete and Consistent Autoclave Sterilization – Understanding Heat Transfer Time Lag

5 min

Discover the hidden challenge of autoclave sterilization: Heat Transfer Time Lag. Learn why relying solely on chamber temperature measurements is problematic and explore TOMY's advanced solution with the Internal Temperature Probe for precise and consistent sterilization. Achieve precision-driven sterilization today!...

Optimizing Centrifuge Speed: Calculations, Factors, and Safety Considerations

7 min

Accurate and reliable results in laboratory centrifugation require calculating the correct centrifuge speed. The speed directly affects the centrifugal force experienced by the samples, and using incorrect speeds can negatively impact the separation process and compromise the experiment's integrity....

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