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Centrifuge Speed: Why It’s Important and How to Calculate

8 min

Discover the importance of calculating correct centrifuge speeds and how it impacts separation efficiency and experimental integrity in laboratory settings....

What are Rotors in a Centrifuge?

3 min

Centrifuge rotors play a pivotal role in sample separation, influencing speed and efficiency. Choosing the right type is crucial for optimal performance. Learn how rotors impact centrifuge functionality, from speed dynamics to efficient sample handling and selection....

Rack-In-Rotor Centrifuges – the Data-Driven Secret of High-Throughput Labs

6 min

  As a lab manager, lab assistant, or researcher, you will find yourself under constant pressure to reach higher throughputs. You strive to improve the efficiency of experiments and running samples, to maximize the work you can do with limited time in the day. There are two fundamental ways you can do this in a […]...

How to set up your Laboratory; choosing a centrifuge.

4 min

Confused with buying a centrifuge? We’ve got you covered. Read this how-to post on choosing centrifuges to learn about various features and what to watch out for during your purchase!...

Where Can I Repair my TOMY Autoclave or Centrifuge?

1 min

Thank you for your continued support of TOMY autoclaves, centrifuges, and other laboratory equipment. If you were wondering where to have your TOMY autoclave, centrifuge, or other equipment repaired, you have come to the right place! We at AMUZA are proud to announce the TOMY nationwide technical support, repair, and maintenance network...

TOMY Multi Spin Micro Centrifuge Raffle Winner at UC-San Diego Biotech Vendor Showcase

1 min

Please watch the video to see if YOU are the lucky winner of the Free Tomy MultiSpin Cordless Micro Centrifuge giveaway raffle...

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