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The Importance of Steam in Lab Autoclaves

3 min

Learn how steam drives autoclave sterilization, ensuring precise lab conditions by penetrating every surface. Dive into the science behind SX-Series autoclaves and their impact on research....

Steam Autoclaves: Jacketed vs Non-Jacketed

3 min

Discover the ideal autoclave for your lab. Differentiating between jacketed and non-jacketed autoclaves aids in making an informed choice. TOMY's comparison guide simplifies the decision process....

Best Practices for Soil Sterilization in a Steam Autoclave

3 min

Master soil sterilization in labs! TOMY's guide unveils best practices for effective soil sterilization using steam autoclaves....

TOMY’s Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Autoclave Recommendations

2 min

Learn how TOMY's SX-series autoclaves revolutionize lab sterilization, reducing energy and water consumption. Explore 4 practical tips for sustainable operations, optimizing efficiency for eco-friendly practices in your laboratory today....

Terrapin Beer Upgrades their Brewery Sterilization Equipment With TOMY Autoclaves

2 min

Explore Terrapin Beer's leap to efficiency and quality with TOMY Autoclaves. Discover how this upgrade resolved PCR testing issues, saving costs and enhancing craft beer production. Learn how innovative sterilization transformed their brewing process....

Best Practices for Autoclaving with Sterile Bags

2 min

Learn the crucial precautions and best practices for flawless autoclaving using sterile bags. Avoid potential risks like pressure build-up or incomplete sterilization by following expert guidelines. Select the right bag size, material, and method for effective and safe sterilization....

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