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Why 121°C? and Other Burning Autoclave Questions

3 min

If you’re relatively new to the world of autoclaving (a.k.a. steam sterilization), you might have some basic questions about how lab autoclaves work to sterilize things like glassware and culture media....

How To Sterilize Brewing Equipment

7 min

Efficient brewery sterilization methods can mean the difference in your great tasting, quality beer hitting the taps or shelves, and ending up in the hands of your customers....

How Does an Autoclave Work?

4 min

An autoclave is a common piece of laboratory equipment that works to sterilize lab media using three primary components: temperature (heat), pressure, and steam. They are commonly found in research, pharmaceutical, and medical laboratories....

What Can Be Autoclaved?

4 min

In this article, we’ll explore some of the common—and not-so-common—uses for steam sterilization, a.k.a. autoclaving....

How to Sterilize and Dispose Plastic Agar Plates and Petri Dishes

3 min

Standard protocol requires the use of autoclaves to sterilize agar plates, as only high heat and pressure can effectively kill the full range of microorganisms, which can persist even under unusually harsh conditions....

Fast and Cost-Effective Autoclave Scale-Up for Antibody Production Research

4 min

Sourcing autoclaves for bioreactor or fermentor sterilization can be challenging due to complex logistics and funding limitations, however, top-loading autoclaves’ can be an ideal solution for quickly increasing a research operation’s sterilization capacity....

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