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Announcing the Winner of the Multi Spin Centrifuge!

1 min

Thank you to everyone who came by the Amuza booth at the Biotechnology Vendor Showcase at UC-San Diego on August 24, 2017! Please watch the video to see if YOU are the lucky winner of the Free Tomy MultiSpin Cordless Micro Centrifuge giveaway....

Autoclave Maintenance- Proper Usage and Cleaning for Autoclave Performance and Longevity

5 min

Though autoclaves, sometimes referred to as steam sterilizers, are pieces of equipment that designed to disinfect and sterilize laboratory media (glassware, plasticware, etc.) as well as biohazard waste, they must be maintained and used in a way that allows them to properly function and is suitable for long-term use. This is especially true of steam sterilizers or gravity autoclaves...

Autoclaves for Start-Ups

8 min

The Start-Up Autoclave: What You’re Up Against Let me start by describing a scenario that may sound familiar to you: You’re working at a biotech startup or small laboratory. You’ve been tasked with buying basic lab equipment. You’re looking at autoclaves and you’re not impressed with the options. Too big. Too small. Not enough throughput. […]...

Congratulations to our TOMY Centrifuge giveaway winner

1 min

Congratulations to Mayumi of Scripps Research Institute in San Diego for winning the Tomy mini centrifuge in Amuza's raffle giveaway!...

Congratulations to our TOMY Multi Spin Centrifuge Winner

1 min

Congratulations to Ayumi of Scripps Research Institute for winning our Tomy Mini Centrifuge giveaway! Ayumi chose the Tomy One Spin centrifuge, the mini centrifuge that has a counterbalance allowing you to spin one solo 1.5 / 2.0 mL microtube at a time- great choice!...

Cyber Monday Giveaway Winner Announcement

1 min

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Cyber Monday sale and entered our giveaway that ran from November 29 through December 10. Watch the video to find out if you are the winner....

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