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Refrigerated Centrifuges: Essential Tools in Modern Laboratories

4 min

Learn how refrigerated centrifuges enhance lab efficiency and sample integrity with temperature control, ensuring reliable results in various scientific and medical applications....

The Autoclave Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

5 min

Learn how to use TOMY's gravity-displacement vertical autoclaves with our detailed step-by-step guide to ensure effective and reliable sterilization for your lab....

Autoclave Efficiency: How to Reduce Operating Costs in Your Brewery

4 min

Learn how to cut costs in your brewery by improving autoclave efficiency with maintenance, optimized cycles, and energy-saving tips....

Can You Autoclave It? A Short Guide to What You Can and Can’t Autoclave

4 min

Autoclaving is an efficient and effective sterilization method for labs, breweries, dentist offices, tattoo parlors, and other places that consistently need sterilized items. However, while autoclaves are effective for many materials, some articles are either unsafe in the autoclave or will degrade when subjected to heat, pressure, and steam. We’ve already explored how autoclaves are […]...

Autoclaving: Best Practices for Sterilizing Delicate Articles

4 min

Discover best practices for autoclaving delicate lab items with tips, precautions, and expert advice for safe sterilization with TOMY autoclaves....

How To Spore Test an Autoclave

5 min

Discover why spore testing is crucial for autoclave sterilization and how TOMY's autoclave selection ensures efficient and safe lab operations....

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