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Save space in your lab with TOMY Autoclaves. Spend less time on equipment maintenance and operation, and more time on research and quality.

TOMY’s Autoclaves are widely recognized for their efficiency and sleek design. The SX-series of autoclaves are engineered to provide suitable autoclave sterilization for a wide array of laboratory settings. These units, including the smaller 50L SX-500 and larger 69L SX-700, are designed to allow effective autoclave sterilization within a more compact setting due to their vertical top-loading design. Designed to support a variety of sterilization needs—from media and glassware to liquids and agar plates—their stackable baskets and compact footprint make them an ideal choice for optimizing lab space without compromising autoclave sterilization functionality.


Large Capacity


Sterilize more in each cycle.

Small Footprint


Maximize your lab space and capacity.


Start sterilizing
right away.



Multiple features to keep you safe.


Spend less time on maintenance.

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Upgrade Your Lab Equipment Today

Upgrade Your Lab Equipment Today

Customers appreciate the seamless process of establishing their laboratory with TOMY. Whether you’re initiating a new lab or enhancing your equipment, we’re eager to assist you in getting started and operational.

"We've been using the TOMY autoclave for over a year now, with consistent results. The small footprint is a feature I really appreciate. The ease of use makes training new users very easy and user errors virtually non-existent. Overall, it was a great addition to our lab space."

Theopi Rados
Research Specialist, Brandeis University

"I've had a Tomy autoclave for +20 years and practically worship the thing. Every lab I've ever worked in has either had one already, or I've recommended one to purchase ASAP."

Medicinal Chemistry Lab

"It's a forward autoclave. It's so easy to use. It doesn't require any fancy plumbing. It's very straightforward and can handle the volume that I need to start up. At the end of the day, it's an instrument that you can rely on. Now I have an associate helping me. Training her is a breeze."

Patrick Fernandez
Research Scientist, Protein Evolution, Inc. (PEI)

"The biggest benefit [of the autoclave] was the footprint size. We like the way the lid is designed, it is a bit more space-saving as opposed to a swing-out lid. We are limited in our space, so that made a difference. The user interface is pretty easy and simple to understand. Press a button and start. It's pretty straightforward."

Randall Zondervan
Vice President, ProbioFerm

"I like how the autoclave is really easy to use. With crank-down models it takes a lot of time, but the TOMY model has less checks and with the click of a button it's ready to go. It is also really easy to clean with the built-in exhaust bottle."

Production Manager, Gelantis

"There are many things I like about TOMY autoclaves- they are nice, quiet, and compact with an amazing capacity for having such a small footprint. Many great features like the easy-open foot pedal and liquid/dry cycle options too. I'm a big fan of the product!"

Safety Manager, Assured BioSciences

Save Time and Space in Your Lab Today!

The perfect autoclave sterilizer and accessories to meet your lab’s efficiency and space demands!

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