Brewery AutoclavesSterilizing Brewing Equipment with Tomy Autoclaves

Using autoclaves in breweries is a growing trend for craft breweries, microbreweries, and startup brewpubs and taprooms looking to optimize their workflow, improve production, and build reliability into their brewing process.

The autoclave is an indispensable piece of equipment in brewery quality labs.

Does my brewery need an autoclave?

Do you look at brewing beer as an art?

Do you want to create a flavor profile that you repeat time and time again?

Do you want a streamlined workflow that saves time and money, without compromising quality?

These are all reasons for you to upgrade your cleaning, sanitization and sterilization methods. If you’re still unsure about whether you need an autoclave, read the article ‘How To Sterilize Brewing Equipment’, which walks you through the why and how brewers sterilize their equipment and instruments.

Sterilizing  Autoclaves in Breweries

Sterilizing Autoclaves in Breweries

Efficient operations start and end with cleanliness. Using heat, steam and pressure, the autoclave sterilizes brewery lab equipment and lab media to eliminate contaminants that cause off-flavors and ruined batches.

Eliminate Contamination Risks

Eliminate Contamination Risks

Sterilizing the equipment that comes into contact with your beer eliminates the conditions where bacteria can thrive. Using an autoclave in your brewery keeps cleanliness as a priority, meeting the growing consumer demand for high-quality, better tasting beer.

TOMY Autoclaves help you optimize your cleaning processes, completely removing microorganisms, while saving you time, saving you effort and saving you money. With a programmable timer, temperature sensor, and intuitive LED display, the TOMY Autoclave gives you confidence that your brewery lab equipment is properly sterilized for optimal results.

Streamlined Workflow in Brewery Operations

From installation, to start up, and operation, the TOMY Autoclave is built for long-lasting cost savings. Even with an outstanding brewery staff, the challenges of workflow inefficiencies from not using a laboratory autoclave are likely wasting time and money.

One of our brewing partners (a former microbrewery that’s now a part of the Miller Coors Family) states “our first TOMY Autoclave purchase was one of, if not the best investments we’ve made as a brewery.” Even with national distribution channels, this brewmaster acknowledges the performance of their TOMY Autoclave significantly improves their operations.

Clean, streamlined workflows ultimately save time, save money and save effort.


“Our first TOMY Autoclave purchase was one of, if not the best investments we’ve made as a brewery.”

TOMY Saves You Lots.

Top-Loading Autoclaves – The Best Designed
Autoclave for Breweries

Shape and size play a key role in how to load and accommodate the various pieces of equipment that need sterilization. In breweries the fermenter/bioreactors, tall flasks and bottles, and other large items fit best into a vertical, top-loading autoclave. Autoclaves that require items to be laid on its side are not ideal for cleaning and breakage reasons.

Top-loading autoclaves work well in breweries to sterilize otherwise difficult media. They allow for a hassle free method of sterilizing agar plates after yeast culturing, or other types of waste material.

Floor Space in Brewery Quality
Labs is Valuable

An autoclave with a small footprint is ideal in areas where space is limited such as a small R&D or Quality Control / Assurance lab. Because of the top loading design, TOMY Autoclaves are capable of sterilizing more lab equipment (50L or 70L capacity) into a floorspace about the size of a dining room chair.

Not only does the TOMY Autoclave take up very little lab floor space, but it is also moveable. TOMY Autoclaves stand on wheels for mobility, better flow in your lab space, and the ability to accommodate any future expansions or floor plan changes.

In addition to providing efficient use of brewery floor space, TOMY Autoclaves align with your commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability, all while saving you time and money.

Floor Space in Brewery Quality Labs is Valuable
Tap Into Your Drive for Sustainability

Tap into your Drive for Sustainability

TOMY Autoclaves achieve top efficiency through high capacity equipment sterilization with low energy consumption. Our SX-Series Autoclaves are standard-equipped with a dual-fan cooling system, shortening overall operation time, and reducing cooling time by 42% compared to non-fan equipped autoclaves.

Through a well-designed piece of equipment that is simple, reliable, long-lasting and energy efficient, we maintain our responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Designed to be Reliable
and Simple

TOMY Autoclaves are made of high quality, durable materials that last. Because TOMY focuses on quality, we help create the best user experience possible, with minimal maintenance or downtime.

Designed to be reliable and simple
Simple Installation

Simple Installation

If you are wary of installation costs and the need for trades / plumbing hookups – don’t be. Whereas some lab autoclaves need plumbing or vacuum connections, TOMY Autoclaves are simple to install. The unit simply plugs into the wall.

Once the chamber and exhaust bottle are filled with water, you can start your sterilization cycle. The cycle will run, unattended, while you get back to work.

Managing Costs in Brewery Sterilization Equipment

Naturally, one of the main factors in upgrading from any “starter” equipment is the associated costs. TOMY Autoclaves offer affordable options to growth-minded breweries. Keep in mind, when looking at autoclaves or other equipment cleaning, brewery sanitization or sterilization, that hidden costs of maintenance and replacement parts must be factored in. Check out this article ‘How Much Does an Autoclave Really Cost?’, describing what to look for when looking at sterilization equipment.

In order to scale up to a more automated sterilization process, using an autoclave to reduce the manual requirements of simple pressure cookers or other equipment, you’ll be looking at a budget between $7-$15K, with the high end of that being our 70L unit with a full accessories package.

We believe transparent pricing and straight forward customer service helps our customers better plan for sterilization needs in your brewery now and as you look to expand in the future. We want to provide you with quality, long-lasting equipment that maintains long-term profitability.


When we help a brewery eliminate risk of contamination during their operations we are thrilled to share in your success. Seeing breweries grow in their craft, their quality, and their efficiency delights us!

Whether you’re just starting your journey, or perfecting your operations, we’re available for consultation on sterilizing brewery equipment as part of your quality control process.