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Save You Lots.


Not only does this not look like your typical autoclave,
it doesn’t follow the rules of autoclaves either.


Through its unique top-loading design,
compact size, large capacity,
easy installation and convenient functions
it’s designed to Save You Lots.

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Laboratory autoclaves to fit your needs.


50 L*, 120V/17A

$10,752.00 $6,989.00


69 L*, 230V/13A

$13,610.00 $8,847.00

*Effective chamber internal volume

Bulk/multiple unit discounts are also available – For pricing please request a quote.

Saves Time.

Time is limited.  Time flies.  Time is money.  Time is important.

From timer functions, to cooling fans, to a maximized chamber size, the Tomy SX-Series autoclave is designed with lots of innovative features that will save one of the most important (and scarce) resources, and give you more to focus on other things.


Even if it is your baby, you don’t need to babysit…

  • Preset timer allows start time delay up to 99 hours, allowing you to sterilize at the most convenient time.
  • Sterilization function (105 – 135°C) programmable up to 10 hours and heating (45 – 95°C) for up to 99 hours.


  • The SX-series autoclave is standard-equipped with a dual-fan cooling system, shortening overall operation time.
  • Cooling system reduces cooling time by 42%* compared to non-fan equipped autoclaves.

*Save up to 25 min. Chamber temperature from 121°C to 60°C reduced from 59 minutes to 34 minutes with dual-cooling fan function.


  • The SX-Series comes in two sizes that maximize capacity even with a small footprint: The SX-500 holds 50 Liters, SX-700 69 Liters.
  • The SX-Series autoclave’s stackable basket system allows up to 3 buckets or baskets in the chamber to maximize loads (so you don’t have to do as many).
  • The SX-700 can accommodate up to 12 pieces of 1000 mL flasks or 27 pieces of 300 mL beakers in one load.

Saves Space.

The SX-series autoclave’s top-loading design, small footprint and other innovative features saves valuable laboratory space, both on the bench and floor.


  • The SX-series slim design leaves a small footprint relative to effective chamber space, even compared to other brands’ top-loading models.
  • The top-loading design allows for installation in the smallest of spaces and does not require extra room on the sides or in the front of the machine.


The SX-series autoclave stands on wheels, which allows it to be moved and stored under a bench and other tucked-away places.



The SX-series autoclave requires no plumbing, or house steam freeing up space for other equipment that requires plumbing (just pour water into chamber)*.

*Tomy recommends using DI (De-Ionized) water with a small amount of tap water.

Saves Effort.

The SX-Series autoclave’s ergonomic design and innovative features are designed to make things easy, with mechanically-assisted parts and easy-to-use controls.


The SX-Series mechanically-assisted lid and foot pedal allow for easy, one-handed operation (freeing your other hand in the process).



  • The SX-Series autoclave is designed to be the perfect height (SX-500 97cm) to easily load and unload items into the chamber.
  • The chamber depth is designed to be the perfect height (SX-500 62cm) to easily reach items or clean the chamber.


  • The SX-series easily-accessible chamber allows easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • The chamber lid gasket can be changed in under 10 minutes (recommended once every 3 years).

Saves You, Safety.

SX-Series autoclaves come with standard safety features to protect you and your machine.


Prevents the lid from being opened during high-pressure, high-temperature cycle.


Prevents electric shock through shutting down breaker.



  • Sensor directly measures water temperature, as opposed to general chamber temperature for early prevention of over-heating.
  • Senses water level through monitoring ions in water to prevent dry heating and damage to the unit.


  • Functions to prevent overly-high chamber pressure.
  • Prevents abnormally high autoclave pressure and displays error message on screen.


Model Name



Operating Temperature Range
Sterilizing 105 – 135°C (0.019 – 0.212 MPa)
Heating 45 – 104°C (0 – 0.015 MPa)
Warming 45 – 95°C
Maximum Operating Pressure
0.263 MPa 0.25 MPa
Display Digital
Pressure Gauge
Display Analog
Display Range 0 – 0.4 MPa
Heat Source
2 kW electric heater 3 kW electric heater
Safety Device
• Water level sensor
• Current leakage breaker
• Lid interlock
• Over-heat prevention
• Over-pressure prevention
• Open temperature sensor detection
• Safety valve
Display Digital
Display Range Sterilizing 0:00 – 9:59, 0 – 99 hours, 0 – 999 min.
(0:00 – 9:59, 10 – 99 hours changeable)
Warming Variable: 0 – 99 hours
Effective Chamber Dimensions
φ315 x 638 mm φ360 x 675 mm
Chamber Capacity
Effective internal volume: 50 L,
Internal volume: 58 L
Effective internal volume: 69 L,
Internal volume: 79 L
Chamber Material
Dimensions (mm)
410 W x 477 D x 970 H mm
(With protruding: 574 D)
470 W x 528 D x 1003 H mm
(With protruding: 625 D)
60 kg 72 kg
Required Power Supply
AC 100-120 V 17A

Requires NEMA5-20P type power plug


AC 207-253 V 13A

Requires NEMA6-15P type power plug


Power Consumption (calorific value)
2.0 kW (1720 cal/h) 3.0 kW (2580 cal/h)
Environmental Conditions

When operating the autoclave, observe the environmental conditions given below.

Ambient temperature: 10 to 35°C

Atmospheric pressure: 860 to 1060 hPa

Relative humidity: 30 to 85%

Maximum gradient: 2

Stainless baskets 2
(φ300 x 182 mm)
Stainless baskets 2
(φ345 x 181 mm)
• Chamber bottom Plate (1)
• Caster stoppers (4)
• Operator’s Manual (1)
• Clear folder (for storing the operation manual) (1)
• Screw (for attaching the clear folder) (1)
• Warranty card (1)
• Customer card (1)
• Inspection Sheet (1)

Autoclave SX Series Brochure

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