Tomy SX-500 Lab Autoclave

The Tomy SX-500 Lab Autoclave is perfect for any lab looking to save time, space and effort. With a small footprint and large loads, this autoclave accommodates up to 3 stackable stainless-steel baskets for maximum capacity (includes 2 baskets). The autoclave features a 50-liter capacity that accommodates a variety of items while keeping them sterile. Bulk / multiple unit discounts are available for this item.

Original price was: $13,373.35.Current price is: $8,692.68.


Save Time and Effort with a Compact Autoclave.

The Tomy SX-500 Lab Autoclave is the perfect appliance for any lab – it has a small footprint but can still sterilize large loads in just one hour. Save time and space by getting an autoclave that fits any lab.

Fit more in less space.

Designed to fit any lab, this autoclave is the perfect solution for labs with limited space or large workloads. Accommodates up to 3 stainless-steel baskets for maximum capacity loads.

Our autoclave is so easy to set up, you’ll think it was already built into your lab.

We know that lab space is a precious commodity and that installing new equipment can be a hefty investment. That’s why we’ve designed the Tomy SX-500 Lab Autoclave to be simple and dependable. Just plug it in

TOMY Lab Autoclave close-up
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Start your lab with a TOMY Laboratory Autoclave